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PATSY "Watsy"

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Patsy's First Week

Patsy has been with us for a week now and she is just a sweetheart and a good dog. We took her to our Vet last Thursday and he checked her out. He gave her an antibiotic for her cough and ears and incase she had any kind of vaginal infection because she is still bleeding alittle here and there. He wants us to bring her back in three weeks.

I brush her and clean her ears again every other day.

We put her on the same precription diet food that Sara is on because it is filled with vitamins and minerals. We already see a great improvement in her coat and she has stopped coughing and her dull eyes are bright now. She follows us around and keeps giving us kisses. She listens and is very well behaved. Her and Sara play together once in awhile and both wait in front of the sliders for one of us or both to come back if we should go out. Patsy loves to play with the toys but sometimes Sara gets jealous and rips them, but she has always done that with Dante too.

She wants to be with me all the time. Her stools got normal as soon as we put her on that special diet. She has not had any accidents since that one on the day she came home. She seems very happy and content here. She barks if she senses something but not constantly at everything like Sara.