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PATSY "Watsy"

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Patsy One Month

Patsy has been in her "forever home" for one month now.

Patsy is the sweetest dog and so good. I call her Patsy Watsy. She loves to play with her toys and always has a toy in her mouth. When we first brought her home she was so dirty and looked like a rag doll. But since we cleaned her up and are giving her good food, she is turning into a beautiful butterfly. She tried to take Sara's sleeping spot so I guess that she wants to big top dog around here. Sara and her play sometimes, mostly trying to take toys from each other. I think Sara finally realizes that Patsy is here to stay. Patsy loves to eat. She is very good. If she starts to bark and I tell her not to, she stops. She listens to whatever I say. Her name should be sweetie pie because that is what she is. If I go out she will usually wait by the front sliders until I get home. She always goes into the bedroom and gives her new Daddy a kiss if he is sleeping. She loves to play fetch with the balls. She also does something that I have never heard a dog do before. It's a sound she makes like mmmmmmm, equal to a cat when they purr. She does it when she wants something. It is so cute.