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PATSY "Watsy"

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Patsy's First Day 6/4/2007

We drove Patsy home from the Somerset County Dog Control. Patsy did not look exactly like the picture they emailed me..

Her coat was much better and she was smaller then she looked in the picture. Her eyes were so dull.

She is hanging so bad from having puppies, probably numerous litters. I hope that if it doesn't go back itself that it can be tightened when we have her spayed as it has to be uncomfortable for her to walk, etc.
Her ears are clogged up, probably never been cleaned.  Her fur has holes all over, she has infections and is bleeding on and off.

Patsy is a very very sweet dog. She didn't mind the ride home in the SUV at all. She kept kissing me all the way home.

As soon as we got home, we let Patsy and Sara age 6 her big sister who we have had as a puppy went into the fenced in yard to do their business. Patsy was so dirty and smelly that the first thing we had to do is give her a bath. My husband put her in the bathtub so the water would be warm. She didn't mind it at all. Infact, right after we dried her off, she ran and grabbed a toy.

We all sat in the screened in porch and Patsy got a ball and kept bringing it to me and I would tell her to drop it, which she did, so that I could throw it, and she would fetch it and bring it back to me.

She never acted strange at all to us or her new surroundings. I had to give her ears a really good cleaning. 

But again she let us do it and never complained.

She peed on the rug but was probably marking her territory and her stools are yellow. That was the only time she ever went in the house.

She's is just a sweetheart and lets you do whatever needs to be done to her.

Sara seems a little jealous which is normal but they were rolling around together and submitting to each other and Patsy was kissing Sara. Patsy keeps following us around which also is normal, but even after only a few hours here, she seems so happy and content and hasn't stopped wagging her tail. Two of my sons stopped over tonight and could not believe how happy Patsy seemed after only just getting here today.

She really appreciates her new home and we already fell in love with her. When two of my sons walked in, she had two toys in her mouth for them just like our Dante used to do.  He was our chocolate Lab that we had as a puppy who died right before we got Patsy of bone cancer at age 11.

Patsy is having so much fun playing with all the dog toys.

We have to take her to our Vet and have her checked. We have no idea if she ever had any shots and she needs to be spayed.

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